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Reinvention: A Little Something Extra

I was looking for a way of adding a bit more flavor to this turtleneck and thrift-store skirt ensemble. The skirt is great. It was made in India and has silver sequins sewn in throughout it. But it was still a little too plain for my taste.

Over the holidays, I rummaged through the clearance section and found a ton of gift wrapping ribbon in unique styles that could possibly be re-purposed. I purchased a 15 ft. spool of gold ribbon with black velvety embellishments from Target for about $2.50

So I thought this would be a great opportunity to see how I could use this with an outfit. I cut a piece to fit across the top of the skirt with a little bit of an overlap. Then I used my gold metallic flower pin to secure the ribbon to the waist.

Now it's more Indian Gypsy. Plus, I mixed silver and gold for a bit of rebelliousness.

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