For those who believe clothing should be an expression of ourselves, but not 0ur value (mind over price tag), who aren't afraid to shake up an office casual day or who want to let their hair down on the weekends.



Reconnaissance: Sweaters in the Summertime

It's 90 degrees outside, and I'm in a thrift store looking at sweaters. I'm not crazy. You'll never know when you're going to find a diamond in the rough. This sweater I bought for $4. It's unlike anything I've seen before, and it was made in Romania. Maybe it's not the season for it, but people clear out their wardrobes at all times during the year. So while you're out at a thrift store, take a look at all the different departments. Save yourself the hassle of buying things in season when they cost more money and start planning early for the future.


Renovate: Imagine the Possibilities

There's this thrift store that I go to that always has beautiful Indian and Asian pieces in it. I picked up two the other day. Both cost around $10. They usually come with pants, which I will re-donate later. I looked at the tunic up above and thought the colors were too vibrant to turn away. When I tried it on, the shape wasn't too flattering. Then I began scavenging around my place for things to make it better. My favorite trick, of course, is using a ribbon or belt to define the waist. The neckline looked a little odd on me, so I added a beaded necklace to cover the squareness up. I love looking at the possibilities that something has to offer because you never know what you'll come up with.


Remains the Same: Cheap Tops, Mine All Mine

This weekend I picked up two new bohemianish tops. The first one $3.24 at Goodwill. If it wasn't for hot pink, I wouldn't wear pink at all. I think I'm going to add the purple flower and ribbon to it to spice it up a bit.

The second one came from Buffalo Exchange. I took some old stuff there to sell and saw this blue top for $19.50. And you know, I can't turn away from embroidery. Took the blouse out of my store credit and redeemed the rest for cash. I am definitely going to look at taking more of my old clothes there. Cash for clothes that I don't wear anymore - score.


Rethink: Buying Distressed Jeans

Why? Why? Why do you need to buy $75 - $200 jeans with holes already in them? My mom would say that doesn't make sense, and I agree with her about this one. When your jeans get old, they get holes. Don't throw them away. Keep them for the summertime when you could use a breeze to keep you cool.

Look those store's jeans have a hole near the pocket and a hole at the knee. Take a look at my jeans. They, too, have a hole near the pocket and a hole at the knee. Man-created holes no less. Not some machine making, trying to be cool holes. No reason to buy new ones, just kept the old ones and love them as they are. Keep money in your banking account while keeping the environment clean.


Revival: Picking Up Other's Pieces

A $2 ruffle blouse adds a little pizazz to this tan shift dress from the Gap. I don't know if the spaghetti-looking stain on it was the cause of the previous owner discarding it, but it was nothing a toothbrush and some detergent couldn't solve. Do people really get rid of things because of small imperfections? Why not take the time to figure out a solution or embrace the flaws? I don't get rid of my holely jeans unless my underwear starts showing, and I'm happy I saved this blouse because I need something to wear to work yesterday.


Rendezvous: Thrift Store Dress Meets Take Home Chef

What to wear when going to a book signing of an extremely cute chef who makes the most delicious cupcakes? Maybe something new… Nope. How about a long, thrift-store-bought tunic that I turned into a dress by ironing up the sides with seam tape. I love the Moroccan feel of this piece. It’s comfortably exotic, but not luxurious. For $5, how could it be? The neckline embellishments are not overly done. It’s perfect for a daytime stroll or watching your favorite TV chef make some amazing tasting pizza in person. (Notice how I wasn't letting go of that cupcake in my hand.)