For those who believe clothing should be an expression of ourselves, but not 0ur value (mind over price tag), who aren't afraid to shake up an office casual day or who want to let their hair down on the weekends.



Remains the Same: Cheap Tops, Mine All Mine

This weekend I picked up two new bohemianish tops. The first one $3.24 at Goodwill. If it wasn't for hot pink, I wouldn't wear pink at all. I think I'm going to add the purple flower and ribbon to it to spice it up a bit.

The second one came from Buffalo Exchange. I took some old stuff there to sell and saw this blue top for $19.50. And you know, I can't turn away from embroidery. Took the blouse out of my store credit and redeemed the rest for cash. I am definitely going to look at taking more of my old clothes there. Cash for clothes that I don't wear anymore - score.

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