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Refreshing: Necessityisthemother

I'm going to broaden the horizons of this blog a little bit. Still focusing on reused/recycled items, but not just items I find from thrift and resale stores. Maybe a little music, too. iTunes downloads are after all good for the environment, as well as, purchasing used vinyl.

So I wanted to feature this designer on Etsy. Her name is Arielle. She finds terrific fabrics at thrift stores and repurposes them as these fabulous Pinafore dresses and skirts. I bought this one from her, and I can't wait to get it in the mail. She does do alterations if the one you love is not in your size.

This one just spoke to me. It's bright and cheery and a little bit whimsical.

Check out her shop necessityisthemother. She does great work.

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