For those who believe clothing should be an expression of ourselves, but not 0ur value (mind over price tag), who aren't afraid to shake up an office casual day or who want to let their hair down on the weekends.



Re-evaluate: Dress For Your Personality Type

Since I was a teenager people have told me “only you can wear something like that.” Now that I think about it, maybe they were right. Because the clothes I choose fit my personality. If you have a sense of whom you are style wise, it makes it easier to find a hidden gem in the clearance section or in an overstuffed bin. You cease to be distracted by all the other clothing that surrounds you. And when you see something special, you’ll smile, raise it up in the air and say to yourself “that’s so me.”

Here’s my evaluation of 4 personality types:

The Sensor: is affected by her environment. She chooses clothes that fit her mood. She prefers a traditional, straight-edge silhouette that could range from mod to preppy, a reliable name brand or vintage that is timeless. She likes the Brontë sisters and thinks Jane Austen is too romantic. She listens to Rilo Kiley, Nina Simone and Death Cab for Cutie. Dreams of owning a bakery and taking her dog to work everyday.

The Feeler: her smile is her signature. She is goofy and a little hippie-ish. She takes style risks, but only if they reflect who she is on the inside. She loves embroidery, ruffles and anything sparkly. She’ll tell you that her entire outfit costs 15 bucks. She likes independent films and documentaries. She listens to all types of music in every language possible. Dreams of quitting 9 to 5 job and becoming an artist.

The Thinker: her soul is in her eyes. She watches Current TV, reads Maureen Dowd’s column and bookmarks the Huffington Post. She loves layering (tees, sweaters, scarves, whatever) and owns a ton of ballet flats. Her style is practical, cozy and comfortable. She is budget conscious, but puts emphasis on quality as well. She listens to Cat Power, Jill Scott and Radiohead (preferably The Bends). Dreams of being the next Christiane Amanpour.

The Perceiver: is mysterious. You don’t know what she is thinking, but she can tell what you're thinking. She is edgy and likes bold fashion choices. She can accessorize with the best of them (vintage brooches, Native American belts and any type of hat). Name your price, but she’ll haggle with you. She listens to Hendrix, The Stones, Bowie, MGMT, Outkast and yes, Dolly Parton. Dreams of taking a year off to go traveling.

To come, we'll take a look at 4 different style types (urban, country, european and island) and mix them together with each personality type.

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