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Recreate: Native American Inspired Designs

I wore the following thrift store find to work a couple of days ago. It's a colorful Native American inspired sweater that's great to throw over a tee and wear with jeans. The next day I opened February's Lucky magazine and saw a page devoted to this type of fashion. Of course, everything was about $80-$390 more expensive. I have been wanting to incorporate more of this style in my wardrobe for some time now, so for me it's more than a trend.

sweater $5

It also goes to show you what you can find if you have an idea of what you're looking for. All of these clothes aren't going to miraculously appear at the first thrift store you go in; but if you're patient, you will find them.

I have found the comfy cardigan and small decorative belts below as well.

Less than $10 cardigan

Belts less than $3

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