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Recap: 4 Plaid Skirt Types - The Short

This is the start of a four post series on plaid skirts. Usually you can find them at pretty cheap prices at the thrift store.

The short plaid skirt is probably best worn at the beginning of the "change" as I like to call it. When you walk outside and the air seems to smell different and the streets are quite because people are inside their homes watching football games.

Since it's not that chilly outside, you could go with a thinner t-shirt and put on a nice jacket over the top. I like the maroon scarf with it because it brings out the subtle maroon lines in the plaid.

A word of caution for sensitive skin types, these skirts can cause itching. If you can find one with lining that's a bonus. Otherwise, you might have to put on some pantyhose or some light shorts underneath. No one wants red thighs at the end of the day.

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