For those who believe clothing should be an expression of ourselves, but not 0ur value (mind over price tag), who aren't afraid to shake up an office casual day or who want to let their hair down on the weekends.



Redefine: Tunic or Beach Cover Up? You decide.

There's so much going on with this tunic up top that you wouldn't want to pair it with a lot down below. In fact, you could wear nothing with it down below like a beach cover up. Beneath the sheer fabric, one still could see the cute bathing suit underneath. Perfect for the afternoon/evening when everything is a bit more calmer. Then if you're off to dinner, throw on a skirt, wrap a belt around your waist and slip on some sandals. I can't remember its exact cost. Probably somewhere between $2-$6. Try to look for pieces with multiple purposes that you could easily dress up or dress down so you won't have to go looking for something else and spend/consume more than you need to.

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