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Revise: Red Not to Red Hot

Thrift Store Dress (Before)Thrift Store Dress (After)

Once again, I bought this dress for $10 at a thrift store in Los Angeles. It was drowning in red, and I wanted to change it up sightly. Removing the old red ribbon attached was the first step. It was showing the dress' real age. That was replaced by a fresh, new black ribbon with a small red rose sewn on top. The middle section looked a bit sluggish. There I added black lace to break up the red top portion from the red bottom portion. Speaking of the bottom, I sewed a piece of black cotton material underneath the red see-through lace that way your eyes gravitate from top to bottom when you see the additional color.

Price breakdown for additions:
Black ribbon - already owned
Small Red Rose - $1.29
Lace - $3.99
Dye for Lace - $2.79
Black Cotton Material - $2.66
Total: $10.53

If I used my Joann's coupon more wisely, I could have gotten the pricing down a tad. These are additions that anyone can do. Believe me, I'm no sewing expert. However, projects like these allow me to practice. Maybe practice will make adequate.

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