For those who believe clothing should be an expression of ourselves, but not 0ur value (mind over price tag), who aren't afraid to shake up an office casual day or who want to let their hair down on the weekends.



Remember: A Little Means A Lot

It's not a surprise that I like scarves. They can do so much for you. Hide things that you don't want to be seen. Show things off that you don't want to hide. You can wear them in your hair, around your neck, at your waist, on top of a coat, inside of a coat...well, I think you get the point. There's so many different uses for such a small piece of fabric. The three scarves pictured I found at thrift stores, so make sure you don't skip over looking for accessories. Because a little piece of material can make a difference in changing a Plain Jane black and white outfit into something more fun.

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