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Reuse: Plastic Bags for Good(s)

Today, I thought I would show you some storage ideas that are handy if you have to store out of season clothes, find a place for accessories or gather things together for a move. Don't worry. I haven't run out of clothes just yet.

Plastic bags that pillows are contained in are great for packing sweaters in the summer and shorts and tees in the winter. You can also use the ones for sheets as a home for unruly belts that end up of the floor or scarves that roam about your place.

The plastic case above that once contained chocolates now contains my glass beads I bought in Prague. (Note: I love to say, "I bought these in Praa..gue." Makes me feel more worldly.) It keeps them protected and from being lost.

So the next time you buy bedding or something in a plastic container, think of other options instead of tossing the packaging in the garbage.

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