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Refute: Two Wrongs Make a Right

Exhibit A - thrift store shirt. I purchased said item for $3. When I arrived at my residence, I realized that it had two ink stains by the embroidery in the middle of the shirt. Yes, I was negligent, but what is even more thoughtless, is the idea that someone would give this lovely shirt away without even thinking of a solution to fix it. In the fabric trim section, which is now becoming my favorite shopping aisle, I found this rose ribbon and simply tacked it on covering up the imperfection. Was Jane Doe wrong for tossing this shirt aside? The compliments I received at work would conclude, yes.

Exhibit B - thrift store jeans. Earlier in one of my blog posts, I said that I couldn't find jeans at a thrift store. I would like to strike that from my record because I found these Gap jeans for $8. I'm coveting wide leg jeans at the moment, and these jeans are nicely constructed with wide cuffs at the bottom. I love the way they swish when I walk, and they're not overly done like bell bottoms. I was wrong.

A top for $3 and jeans for $8 equal the right combination for me.

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