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Rework: Scissors Are a Girl's Best Friend

I bought this dress for 99 cents. It was made in Hawaii. Here's my guess on why it ended up in a thrift store. Someone bought it on vacation, and that person thought they would wear it back home. However, after their vacation, they discovered people only wear these types of dresses in Hawaii and all that fabric was way too hot for the summertime.

So I picked it up and though it wasn't so bad. I tried it on and was engulfed in fabric. Out came the scissors and I chopped off the bottom layer of fabric leaving just the lace trim. Not so bad, but it looked like a kids dress instead of an old lady dress at the top. Then I cut off the sleeves leaving the lace trim at the shoulders. Just those two steps took years off this dress. I'm contemplating cutting the neckline lower, but for now I'm content.

A new summery dress for 99 cents and less than 5 minutes of work.

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